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Bitspace Network - Is one of the fastest developing and world's leading investment company Specialized on CryptoCurrency and Forex trading for private clients, institutional investors and fund managers and provide intermediary services on the financial market using contemporary, transparent and efficient trading technologies.


At Bitspace Network, our company's assets are managed by a team of professional and specialists who match the extensive experience of field work. With our high tech trading bot, analytical tools, and accounting professionalism, we are just sure of consistent 100% ROI. We are committed to a partnered trading contract by providing the perfect substitute to an individualized monitored trading with our automated trading bot and professional traders.


With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading in over 40 exchanges, growing to a market capitalization of over $799 billion and the technological advancement in the blockchain industry has placed investment in virtual currencies at the top of the 21st century financial investment with the greatest gains. Our confidence in Bitcoin investment and future is unshakable.


We are dedicated to providing an unmatched profit generation in Bitcoin investment and cryptocurrency trading, providing our investors with no less adequate control, satisfaction and ease in their investment. We hope that together with you we achieve the goal of financial growth


You can quickly become a member by creating an account and choosing an investment plan.

Your daily earnings solely depends on the size of your deposits, the minimum deposit starts from $50. When your balance reaches the amount of 10 USD, you can use the withdraw button to make a withdrawal request anytime. All requests are processed automatically, and money is instantly sent to the bitcoin wallet address you specify.

You will have to update your bitcoin wallet from your account control panel, this where your funds will be sent to on request. If you do not have a wallet, please register it at the following address Blockchain.info  or Coinbase.com

We have developed a referral program. You will receive a 15% bonus on deposits from members you invited to the project. To do this, they must enroll in your account.  Choose a plan now